Rank-and-File Fighting Union Caucus – Iowa

Class struggle trade union caucus

$15 Is Not Enough!

The historical demand of the workers movement has been not for a slave minimum wage (and $15 IS a poverty wage…and what about fully-paid benefits?), but for jobs for all at the prevailing wage. That is full trade union wages and benefits, through the self-organization of the workers into unions. The workers movement needs to fight for jobs, healthcare, education, and housing for all.

Workers in St. Louis demand jobs at union wages.

Workers in St. Louis demand jobs at union wages 1931.

Organize the unorganized “wall to wall”!  For a mass union organizing campaign of low-wage fast food and retail workers across the entire industry!  Fight for a union hiring hall! Revive the class struggle tactics that built the unions: mass picket lines, sit-down strikes, flying picket squads, hot-cargoing, solidarity strikes, indefinite general strikes and defiance of the bosses’  courts/laws.  Defy the injunctions!  Smash Taft-Hartley and all other anti-labor laws through militant labor struggle!  “The only illegal strike is the one that loses!”  No to binding arbitration! No reliance on the courts or NLRB/PERB!

For full union wages and benefits for all workers with a 100% cost of living allowance and 100% employer-paid benefits!  Fight for jobs for all through a 30 hour work week at 40 hours pay to spread around the available work!  FOR STRIKE COMMITTEES THAT ESTABLISH LABOR/COMMUNITY WAGE AND PRICE COMMITTEES THAT DEFINE A LIVING WAGE, FIGHT FOR AND ENFORCE A SLIDING SCALE OF WAGES AND PRICES!

Unemployed Council rally demands "jobs",  "trade union wages" and "housing",

Unemployed Council rally demands “jobs”, “trade union wages” and “housing”,

Organize class struggle to win, not the dead-end of Democratic Party electoralism! For a class struggle union leadership! Democrats/Republicans are the parties of the bosses!  Build a fighting, class struggle workers/labor party!


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