Rank-and-File Fighting Union Caucus – Iowa

Class struggle trade union caucus

Anti-Fascist Resolution: Signatories prepare for anti-fascist action

See attached anti-fascist resolution with initial signatories in preparation for the anti-fascist mobilizations in KC this weekend and the preparation for the actions to counter the Greek Fascist Golden Dawn fundraising in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Workers who agree that labor must take the lead in organizing to unite workers and the oppressed against fascist mobilizations consider signing this appeal to labor and bring resolutions to your labor union, working class organizations, and community groups of the oppressed.

Militant workers will not wait for their organizations to stand the fascists down and will mobilize as we did in Philadelphia On October 19th to stop the “White Power” racists on “Leif Ericson Day” but we know that exemplary mobilizations of handfuls of militants will not be sufficient to stop the racist right and that only the organized might of the working class can stop fascism from raising its ugly head.

Write us back to get listed and report local resolutions that are passed and are similar.

DRAFT resolution for a national labor anti-fascist movement. For submittal to all meetings of working people.

Stop the NAZIs & KKK in Kansas City! Stop the Golden Dawn in New York!

Whereas, history shows that while some workers were at first hoodwinked by fascism, soon enough it became clear that fascism was the enemy of all workers everywhere; and

Whereas, wherever fascism triumphed slave labor was instituted and racism was officially encouraged by the state, flourished and served various murder campaigns and the terrorizing and suppression of labor organizations; and

Therefore, it is a grievous error to support any free-speech for fascists, on any civil libertarian basis. On the contrary, history shows that fascism is the enemy of the pluralistic society; and

Whereas, the world economic crisis of capitalist decay serves as a growth medium for the ignorant politics of scapegoating, racism, immigrant bashing, misogyny, anti-Semitism, all forms of chauvinism, homophobia and the persecution of Roma and national minorities, we recognize that all workers and their organizations are the ultimate targets of the fascist ideologies and are the physical targets of their growing movement; and

Whereas, the self- defense of the working class, Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, Jews, LGTBQ people, is crucial to suppress this mortal threat to labor, which should not be mistaken for varieties of reactionary debating societies, but are racist terrorist organizations, as has been amply demonstrated across the history of the KKK, the self-appointed border guards of the Minutemen and militia who kill immigrants crossing the desert, the ongoing European fascists’ attacks on Roma people and the murder in Greece of a working class hip hop artist by Golden Dawn members; and

Whereas, US fascists were successfully confronted and prevented from rallying on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia on October the 19th, and NAZI, KKK and Aryan Nations fascists are marching on Kansas City November 9th and numbers of anti-fascists are mobilizing against them. And whereas, fundraising for the Greek fascist Golden Dawn Party is being conducted in Astoria, Queens; and

Therefore, we call on the AFL-CIO and Change to Win coalition to adopt a forthright emergency policy for the physical rejection of public displays, marches, rallies, and fundraising events by these sociopathic fascist forces; and

Further be it resolved, that the training of marshals and pickets and self-defense groups to caravan demonstrators to anti-fascist mobilizations be organized directly by the local unions, district councils and Central Labor Councils, which shall open their halls to mobilize their rank and file memberships together with black, brown, immigrant and victimized communities to stop the fascists and make them unwelcome in our cities, towns and all the places we live.

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*Organizational affiliation for personal identification purposes only
Labor Donated, 11/05/2013


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