Rank-and-File Fighting Union Caucus – Iowa

Class struggle trade union caucus

Statement in Solidarity with the SF Bay Area July 16th Muni Shutdown


AdHoc July 16th MUNIshut down leaflet 

AdHoc July 16th MUNIshut down leaflet II 

Rank-and-File Fighting Union Caucus-Eastern Iowa

Statement in Solidarity with the SF Bay Area July 16th Muni Shutdown

Under the principle that “An Injury to One is an Injury to All!”, our independent rank-and-file Fighting Union Caucus (Iowa) endorses the July 16th call by San Francisco Bay Area militants to “Shut Down Muni!” in solidarity with the family of Kenneth Harding, Jr., a Black youth who was gunned down by the racist San Francisco police a year ago.

Our caucus pledges to do what we can to popularize this action. We call on militant trade-unionists, workers and anti-racist youth throughout the Midwest to support this action and beyond. A real fighting labor movement would mobilize for mass multi-racial working class defense of the Black, Brown and immigrant communities, as well as unorganized workers and all the oppressed. It was the militant ILWU Local 10 (Longshoremen) that shut down the ports in the Bay Area in defense of Wisconsin and in solidarity with Oscar Grant, another Black youth murdered by the BART cops. This is the kind of labor movement we need. This is how the unions were built in the first place and this is how they need to be defended. We need a fighting workers movement!

Shut Down Muni on July 16 In Memory and Honor of Kenneth Harding Jr.!
Remember Oscar Grant, James Rivera, Raheim Brown, John Deng…
and all victims of police murder!

Organize Labor/Black/Brown self-defense guards against police brutality,
vigilantes, scabs and the KKK/Nazis!
Build Labor/Black/Brown tribunals to arrest and try killer cops!

Build a movement for an indefinite General Strike
against the attacks on the Unions and the Brown and Black Communities!
For political strikes against racist police terror!
“They shoot us down, we shut it down!”

Cops off public transit! Cops out of schools! End stop and frisk nationwide!

End school closures! End charter schools and university privatization!
Nationalize private educational institutions and run
all education under student, parent, teacher, worker’s control!
Free quality education from day care to university level!
Open admissions and free tuition!

Fight for immediate full citizenship rights for all immigrants!

Organize rank-and-file caucuses in the unions to forge a fighting
leadership based on a program of working class struggle!

Demand labor federations form up unions of the unemployed!
Organize the unorganized!

Jobs for all at union rate! Share the work! 30 hours work for 40 hours pay!
For a sliding scale of wages!

*Organizational affiliation for personal identification purposes only
Unofficial, independent Rank-and-File Fighting Union Caucus composed of individual members of AFSCME Local 12*
Website: https://fightingunionia.wordpress.com/
Email: fightingunionia@gmail.com
Our caucus platform was developed in consultation with public workers in Iowa (SEIU 199 & AFSCME 12), California CDPH (CAPS, AFSCME & SEIU 1000 members) and California SF Superior Court (SEIU 1021) members & retirees.


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