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Draft Trade Union Resolution on Labor Defense Against Racist Police Terror


Organizing ‘Wall to Wall”: The Independent Union of All Workers

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$15 Is Not Enough!

The historical demand of the workers movement has been not for a slave minimum wage (and $15 IS a poverty wage…and what about fully-paid benefits?), but for jobs for all at the prevailing wage. That is full trade union wages and benefits, through the self-organization of the workers into unions. The workers movement needs to fight for jobs, healthcare, education, and housing for all.

Workers in St. Louis demand jobs at union wages.

Workers in St. Louis demand jobs at union wages 1931.

Organize the unorganized “wall to wall”!  For a mass union organizing campaign of low-wage fast food and retail workers across the entire industry!  Fight for a union hiring hall! Revive the class struggle tactics that built the unions: mass picket lines, sit-down strikes, flying picket squads, hot-cargoing, solidarity strikes, indefinite general strikes and defiance of the bosses’  courts/laws.  Defy the injunctions!  Smash Taft-Hartley and all other anti-labor laws through militant labor struggle!  “The only illegal strike is the one that loses!”  No to binding arbitration! No reliance on the courts or NLRB/PERB!

For full union wages and benefits for all workers with a 100% cost of living allowance and 100% employer-paid benefits!  Fight for jobs for all through a 30 hour work week at 40 hours pay to spread around the available work!  FOR STRIKE COMMITTEES THAT ESTABLISH LABOR/COMMUNITY WAGE AND PRICE COMMITTEES THAT DEFINE A LIVING WAGE, FIGHT FOR AND ENFORCE A SLIDING SCALE OF WAGES AND PRICES!

Unemployed Council rally demands "jobs",  "trade union wages" and "housing",

Unemployed Council rally demands “jobs”, “trade union wages” and “housing”,

Organize class struggle to win, not the dead-end of Democratic Party electoralism! For a class struggle union leadership! Democrats/Republicans are the parties of the bosses!  Build a fighting, class struggle workers/labor party!

Saul Alinsky: Rules for Radicals


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Anti-Fascist Resolution: Signatories prepare for anti-fascist action

See attached anti-fascist resolution with initial signatories in preparation for the anti-fascist mobilizations in KC this weekend and the preparation for the actions to counter the Greek Fascist Golden Dawn fundraising in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Workers who agree that labor must take the lead in organizing to unite workers and the oppressed against fascist mobilizations consider signing this appeal to labor and bring resolutions to your labor union, working class organizations, and community groups of the oppressed.

Militant workers will not wait for their organizations to stand the fascists down and will mobilize as we did in Philadelphia On October 19th to stop the “White Power” racists on “Leif Ericson Day” but we know that exemplary mobilizations of handfuls of militants will not be sufficient to stop the racist right and that only the organized might of the working class can stop fascism from raising its ugly head.

Write us back to get listed and report local resolutions that are passed and are similar.

DRAFT resolution for a national labor anti-fascist movement. For submittal to all meetings of working people.

Stop the NAZIs & KKK in Kansas City! Stop the Golden Dawn in New York!

Whereas, history shows that while some workers were at first hoodwinked by fascism, soon enough it became clear that fascism was the enemy of all workers everywhere; and

Whereas, wherever fascism triumphed slave labor was instituted and racism was officially encouraged by the state, flourished and served various murder campaigns and the terrorizing and suppression of labor organizations; and

Therefore, it is a grievous error to support any free-speech for fascists, on any civil libertarian basis. On the contrary, history shows that fascism is the enemy of the pluralistic society; and

Whereas, the world economic crisis of capitalist decay serves as a growth medium for the ignorant politics of scapegoating, racism, immigrant bashing, misogyny, anti-Semitism, all forms of chauvinism, homophobia and the persecution of Roma and national minorities, we recognize that all workers and their organizations are the ultimate targets of the fascist ideologies and are the physical targets of their growing movement; and

Whereas, the self- defense of the working class, Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, Jews, LGTBQ people, is crucial to suppress this mortal threat to labor, which should not be mistaken for varieties of reactionary debating societies, but are racist terrorist organizations, as has been amply demonstrated across the history of the KKK, the self-appointed border guards of the Minutemen and militia who kill immigrants crossing the desert, the ongoing European fascists’ attacks on Roma people and the murder in Greece of a working class hip hop artist by Golden Dawn members; and

Whereas, US fascists were successfully confronted and prevented from rallying on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia on October the 19th, and NAZI, KKK and Aryan Nations fascists are marching on Kansas City November 9th and numbers of anti-fascists are mobilizing against them. And whereas, fundraising for the Greek fascist Golden Dawn Party is being conducted in Astoria, Queens; and

Therefore, we call on the AFL-CIO and Change to Win coalition to adopt a forthright emergency policy for the physical rejection of public displays, marches, rallies, and fundraising events by these sociopathic fascist forces; and

Further be it resolved, that the training of marshals and pickets and self-defense groups to caravan demonstrators to anti-fascist mobilizations be organized directly by the local unions, district councils and Central Labor Councils, which shall open their halls to mobilize their rank and file memberships together with black, brown, immigrant and victimized communities to stop the fascists and make them unwelcome in our cities, towns and all the places we live.

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*Organizational affiliation for personal identification purposes only
Labor Donated, 11/05/2013

Meeting to Organize a Committee to Support South African Miners


Meeting to Organize a Committee to Support South African Miners
      Event:  Organizing Meeting for a Committee to Support South African Miners
        Date:  Thursday, August 30, 2012
       Time:  6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Meeting Room B,
                        Iowa City Public Library
                        123 South Linn St. 

           On August 16th, 34 platinum miners at Marikana were brutality shot down and killed by the South African police (SACP) under the direction of the ruling capitalist African National Congress (ANC).  Over 78 were wounded and many remain detained.  The striking miners are organized as the African Miners Construction Union (AMCU) and were a breakaway union from the National Union of Miners (NUM) and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU).  The impoverished miners are struggling  for better pay from the Lonmin corporation. 

           Oakland, CA recently organized a solidarity rally for the miners.  What is desperately needed is to mobilize workers and all the oppressed in defense of the South African workers.  We hope to build a democratic committee composed of organizations and individuals  to organize united front solidarity actions for the miners.

Committee to Support South African Miners (from San Francisco Bay Area)

Committee to Support South African Miners Media Statement (PDF)

Media Announcement

What: Rally in Solidarity With South African Miners
Where: Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland (14th Street and Broadway, by City Hall)
When: Friday (August 24th), 5PM
Who: Committee to Support South African Miners

It was like a scene from racist apartheid South Africa. Last week, South African police murdered 34 striking platinum miners at the Lonmin mine in Marikana South Africa and wounded another 78. They arrested 260 more, several of whom face murder charges. But the real murderers are the cops, the bosses, and the state. The cops gunned down the miners at the behest of the company and the South African ANC government.

The miners were striking for a living wage, and fighting to build a militant union of their own choosing. Since the murders, drillers at a Royal Bafokeng Platinum Ltd mine have walked out. Now, miners at an Anglo-American Platinum mine are making wage demands. So despite the bloodbath and despite the bullets, the struggle for decent pay, working conditions, and the right to choose a militant union is spreading.

On Friday, we will assemble at Oscar Grant Plaza in downtown Oakland to show our support and solidarity for the heroic South African miners:

Protest the slaughter of South African miners by the police on the orders of the ANC government!

Solidarity with the Marikana miners and their demands for better wages!

Defend the right of the miners (and workers everywhere) to have a union of their own choosing!

Build the movement of workers, from South Africa to the U.S. and around the world! An injury to one is an injury to all!

Come to the rally
Friday, Aug. 24, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Oscar Grant Plaza (also known as Ogawa Plaza) 14th St. & Broadway, Oakland

Committee to Support South African Miners

For more information, contact:
Zach Levenson (804) 514-9428
Gerald Sanders (510) 655-5764
Jack Gerson (510) 682-4381

Statement of Solidarity with Marikana Miners

An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

Statement of Protest: South African ANC Marikana Massacre

Our independent rank-and-file Fighting Union Caucus (Iowa) protests the brutal killing of 34 miners by the SAP (South African Police) at Marikana on August 16th. At least 78 miners were also wounded. The militant miners were members of the AMCU (African Miners and Construction Union) a breakaway union that split from NUM (National Union of Miners) when its founding leader was disciplined by the NUM for leading a 2 week mine occupation for his reinstatement by the company. This massacre was a deliberate warning by the ANC (African National Congress) that a militant breakaway of rank and file unions from COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions) will not be tolerated The impoverished Marikana miners have been staging a wildcat strike for better pay since August 10th. Over 260 workers were arrested with some charged with murder. Drop all charges! Since the massacre, drillers at a Royal Bafokeng Platinum Ltd mine have walked out. Now, miners at an Anglo-American Platinum mine are making wage demands.

Our union caucus protests this massacre by the capitalist African National Congress (ANC) party. The ANC in alliance with the Stalinist South African Communist Party (SACP) was a vehicle for national liberation to end white racist capitalist rule. The brutality of apartheid gave way in 1994 to the “power sharing government” with the ANC as the party representing the black majority. But the black majority never got to rule. Even before it shared power in government with the white capitalists, the ANC was a “popular front party” in which the black working masses were subordinated to a black middle class who aspired to become black capitalists serving imperialist finance capital. This massacre clearly exposes the role of the ANC as a capitalist party that runs the South African semi-colonial capitalist economy on behalf of international finance capital.

Our rank-and-file caucus calls on Iowan, Midwestern and all American workers to stand in solidarity with the heroic Marikana miners and to protest this massacre. An injury to one is an injury to all! What is desperately needed today is to unite the entire multi-racial and multi-ethnic working class…in the United States, North America and internationally…in alliance with all the oppressed in struggle against our common enemy, the capitalist ruling class and the capitalist system.

  • Solidarity with the 34 miners massacred at Marikan! For international labor solidarity! Drop all charges and free the arrested workers!
  • For armed self-defense of the Marikana miners by the South African working class! Defend South African workers against police repression directed by the ANC, SACP and COSATU!
  • For a General Strike to break with the ANC and Smash the Popular Front! Down with South African Communist Party Stalinist traitors!
  • Rank and file take control of COSATU and throw out the corrupt leadership!
  • Build Workers and Soldiers councils, and Workers militias!
  • For a general strike to bring down the capitalist Government and form a Workers’ and Poor Farmers Government
  • For a Socialist South Africa in a Socialist Federation of Southern Africa!

*Organizational affiliation for personal identification purposes only
Unofficial, independent Rank-and-File Fighting Union Caucus composed of individual members of AFSCME Local 12*

Website: https://fightingunionia.wordpress.com/
Email: fightingunionia@gmail.com

Our caucus platform was developed in consultation with public workers in Iowa (SEIU 199 & AFSCME 12), California CDPH (CAPS, AFSCME & SEIU 1000 members) and California SF Superior Court (SEIU 1021) members & retirees.

Please sign the Solidarity Statement: Speak out against FBI raids & Grand Jury repression in Oregon and Washington